America’s Wildlife: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

America’s Wildlife: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow is a High School curriculum and PowerPoint presentation developed for the Arizona Game and Fish Department.  The program overviews the struggle to preserve America's wildlife as many species neared extinction in the early 20th century. It is an amazing tale of national and natural history and is a stunning example of what we can accomplish when we work together toward a common goal. The curriculum is intended for high school science and social studies classrooms. It consists of five interactive lessons set to state and national standards.Lesson 1 - Students view an introductory PowerPoint presentation, which provides a historical overview of the near decimation of wildlife in the United States from the settling of our continent up to the early 20th century – “the darkest hour.”

Lesson 2 - Students view the second part of the PowerPoint, which provides an overview of the conservation movement as it moves from wildlife's "darkest hour" to the model of wildlife conservation we recognize today.

Lesson 3 - Students review major historical events and develop a timeline to analyze their influence on the conservation movement.

Lesson 4 - Students research selected individuals who championed conservation in North America and develop a presentation.

Lesson 5 - Students examine contemporary wildlife issues and consider the future of wildlife conservation in the United States in general and specifically in their state.


The curriculum and PowerPoint presentation can be downloaded at: