Border EE

US Environmental Protection Agency: Border EE Web, bilingual EE Database The Exchange developed a bilingual website, in English and Spanish, with two portals of entry and  These website databases are fully searchable with multiple criteria.  To develop the database the Exchange contacted and compiled information on over 1100 providers of EE programs and materials. These entries represent the entire U.S. / Mexico border and was funded by the U.S. EPA Border XXI Program with additional funding from the US Forest Service and World Wildlife Fund, US. Beginning in 1997, the EE Exchange maintained a searchable online database of over 350 EE resource providers in Arizona and New Mexico. This website was supported by the U.S. Forest Service, Region 3, Public Affairs Office. As this type of website has proven valuable, more recently the website has been updated and the project has been expanded to encompass a much larger geographic area. Teachers, other educators, and the general public can search this easy-to-use database by state, organization or agency name, audiences served, program theme, and materials format. New EE providers can be added at any time, and existing entries can be easily updated. Visitors are encouraged to fill out a user profile (although this is not required to access the site), so that they may receive future information specific to their environmental education interests. Finally, the site is fully bilingual, with two portals of entry, so that it can be accessed completely in Spanish or in English. Entries from both sides of the border can be accessed from either portal, that is, in either language. This unique website is already proving an important tool to border educators and others. The site can be found at: and