TEP Bright Students Program

The TEP Bright Students Program is a three-part energy education program for middle school students. The program begins with a teacher-led, engaging, and interactive pre-visit PowerPoint presentation and activity that introduces basic concepts of electricity and energy conservation to students.  Following the pre-visit activity, two presenters deliver an exciting and hands-on Energy Bike presentation.  In the presentation, students look closely at electricity generation and energy sources, ride the Energy Bike to power incandescent, fluorescent, and LED light bulbs, play a conservation game, and finish with an in-depth look at energy conservation, efficiency, and how to make practical changes in their own homes.  The classroom teacher also leads a post-visit activity that pushes students to think critically about their home energy use and asks students and their families to commit to taking on energy conservation measures.  Students and their families that commit to energy conservation measures in their homes receive a Bright Bag giveaway with free conservation devices for families to install in their homes.  All components of the TEP Bright Students Program align with ADE standards.  The pre-visit is designed to fit into two typical 50-60 minute middle school class periods, and the presentation and post-visit activity are designed to fit into a typical 50-60 minute middle school class period.  The program is sponsored by TEP and offered free of charge to Tucson-area schools.  To schedule presentations, go to http://outreach-scheduling.org/brightstudents/ or contact Brian Stark, the Energy Programs Manager, at brianstark@eeexchange.org or 520-670-1442.