Queen Creek Outreach Programs

Through a partnership with the Town of Queen Creek, the Environmental Education Exchange is proud to provide several different classroom programs covering a variety of environmental topics.

For more information on scheduling presentations within Queen Creek or adopting a similar program for your community, contact Claudine Truxal, Phoenix Energy Programs Manager, at ctruxal@eeexchange.org or 602.909.5341.



Too Good to Throw Away! is a three-part recycling education program designed for 3rd and 4th grade. Students learn about and practice the 3Rs: reduce, reuse, and recycle – and have FUN in the process. This program includes a pre-visit activity, an interactive 55-minute classroom presentation, and two post-visit activities.  Too Good to Throw Away! provides practical knowledge and skills that will help students make intelligent decisions now and in the future.

Download Classroom Materials for Too Good to Throw Away!


Preserve the QC! is a three-part classroom outreach program about recycling, water conservation and air quality for grades 5-8.  This interactive program includes a pre-visit video and accompanying student worksheet, an 55-minute classroom presentation, and four post-visit activities.  Preserve the QC! supports community goals and environmental stewardship.

Download Classroom Materials for Preserve the QC!

Our Water, Our Future is a three-part classroom outreach program for fourth and fifth grade. The program addresses the water cycle, Queen Creek’s water supply, water as a limited resource, water use, water recycling, and water conservation. It includes one pre-visit classroom lesson, a hands-on 55-minute classroom presentation, and two post-visit lessons.

Download Classroom Materials for Our Water, Our Future